Build Restrictions

With a project's settings, you can enable build restrictions. This allows you to whitelist or blacklist which branches should (or should not) be built.

chipper ci build restrictions

Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are supported. Here are some examples you may want to use:

  • feature/.* - matches branches such as feature/my-feature
  • dependabot/.* - matches branches such as dependabot/some-package/some-version
  • foo[0-9]*-bar - matches branches such as foo012345-bar
  • foobar - exact match for branch foobar

Note that all branches are normalized to regex /^your-input$/ and run through preg_match_all. For example, a branch feature/.* will be tested as preg_match_all('/^feature\/.*$/', $branch).

We do not use the i modifier, so regex is case-sensitive.

You can test your regex out here.

Skipping Via Commit Messages

If the following are present in the commit message of a build, than the commit will be ignored, and the build will be silently skipped:

  • --skip-ci
  • --ci-skip
  • [skip ci]
  • [ci skip]

This helps with other CI/CD apps, such as StyleCI, which may create new commits and thus generating twice the builds within Chipper CI.